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Beitrag von Yvonne Dewar
Great service Outstanding wines

Beitrag von alexandra ozorio
There I found what I had been looking for and couldn't find elsewhere. The website is easy to use. I had one technical problem, but the support staff answered in 24 hours and solved the issue. The shipping was incredibly quick. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

Beitrag von Paul W
I have used Portugal Vineyards for a couple of months now and have placed two orders with them. They take about one and a half weeks to reach the UK from Portugal which I think is reasonable. I drink mostly red wine and the wines I have bought so far are both excellent quality and value. I tend to buy round about the €5 to €10 range but some of the cheaper wines have been the better ones, in my opinion. I estimate that they would cost double that in the UK if you can find them, which you mostly cannot. Customer services have always been very polite and I have not had any problems.


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