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Delighted with my selection of wines. Delivery before Christmas, we enjoyed all of the wines we purchased. Can't wait to place my next order.

Posted by Jean Kelly

I have been ordering from P.Vineyards for nearly 3 yrs on a regular basis (oh how I enjoy their wines) !! I was recommended by my brother after his holiday in Portugal 4 yrs ago, & we're hooked. Fantastic selection, havent found any I've not enjoyed. Great Prices Service Superb. Delivery very prompt. Highly Recommend this company.

Posted by Gill

Good wines, good value for money. Efficient shipping and good communications.

Posted by George Ashworth

Quality wines at great prices. Excellent communication and shipping. Well recommended.

Posted by Colin

Unbelievable.I have been buying a case of wine a month from Portugal vineyards for nearly three years.All prices all wines great.Last week however I ordered a box on the Thursday and it was delivered six days later to a remote part of Argyll in Scotland!!!!They are simply awesome.

Posted by Jum Macmaster

I have now received ten or so orders from Portugal Vineyards, each one delivered efficiently and correct. The quaity and choice is superb, add to that great prices compared to the price of the same wines in the UK. Allow approximately two weeks for delivery and you won't be disappointed by any facet of their offer.

Posted by Michael Forster Jones

Just ordered another case of Rose last Friday, advised on Monday it had been shipped arrived on Tuesday, now that's what I call service and the wine is great.

Posted by Jhon Cleator

Fantastic service 4working day’s delivery from Porto to UK.

Posted by Thomas Barnes

everything perfect! super product, very fast shipping and excellent service - many thanks!

Posted by Katharina K.

Ordered our favourite Portuguese brandy (CRF) and delivered from Porto to Essex (UK) within 5 days. Competitive pricing and outstanding service.

Posted by John Edmonds

Great site - excellent service - lovely wine!

Posted by Chris W

Many thanks for excellent service.

Posted by Millicent Moore

Portugal Vineyards provide a wonderful range of wines, some of which are a amazingly good prices. As a lover of rich, dark flavoursome wines, I would recommend sampling a box of 12 their affordable reds ((3-4 euros each). Transport costs are very reasonable and a box is usually received within a few days of ordering. So much better and cheaper than supermarket wines.

Posted by Piers Dalgarno

The quality of the Ports is very high and the service is very good. A sure sign of satisfaction is I am a repeat customer

Posted by Colin Jordan

Great value wines. Excellent service.

Posted by David Allen

Brilliant service, great wines and excellent value. I am a long term repeat customer and that's not going to change.

Posted by Simon Mark Spurdle

A great supplier of fine ports and wines at very competitive prices. I would recommend them without reservation

Posted by Brian Henshaw

Great service - website is easy to use, with a great selection of wine and delivery is reasonably priced.

Posted by Aoife M

Excellent selection over a very wide price range, reasonable carriage charges and great all round service.

Posted by Thomas Brown

Finding Portugal Vineyards web site has changed my life!! Seriously though, as a regular traveller to all regions of Portugal I have come to enjoy the so many varieties of grape and styles of wine. You don’t find that many Portuguese wines in UK supermarkets or wine stores. With such an array of wine available from a few euros to a lot of euros, Portugal Vineyards has something for everyone. Every wine has been great, even the ones for three euros and sometimes less. When a wine is out of stock, you are given choices and I always go for whatever they want to substitute my choice with! Shipping works out at about 1 Euro per bottle but it’s possible to order 12 bottles including shipping for less than 40 euros - an absolute bargain. The shipping by TNT has proved to be efficient and speedy.

Posted by Keith