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Post By John Sweeney
Have always had a good experiance with them

Post By Paul
Great selection of wines, lots of new grapes to try. Helpful good people to deal with. I have had several cases all delivered in about a week and no wines I did not like.

Post By Peter
Hi Guy's Sorry, I have been away and left it a little late to place my order, so it's a BIG THANK YOU for shipping my order promptly and in time for Christmas. All arrived safe and sound. Have a good holiday yourselves. Will be ordering again in the new year. Peter Clarke (Easton near Winchester UK)


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  • Mon, 5 Aug 2019
    *I enjoy Douro a favorite is Lua Cheia 2017 it wont set you back much and is worth the wait also...*
    Posted by Michael Pope
  • Mon, 5 Aug 2019
    *Hi I am looking for a nice wine that does not taste oakie and does.not taste of grape Woden...*
    Posted by Peter Rae